Midweek Blog & Round Up 21 January 2021


You know how life is, sometimes things are really busy and you have to take a few minutes out of your day to focus on organising.  Well I reached this point yesterday morning, I had a lot on my to do list.  That had a potential to make me feel overwhelmed.  

I applied tools I already have at my disposal.  I took a few minutes out and started organising my to do list.  I got myself quickly back on track by looking at timescales and priorities.  You know sometimes, you just have to tell yourself… that can wait. Even in a busy work environment, there are things that can wait.  Even if the person who gave you the task may think it is the most important thing. 

I am trusted (and thus very well supported too) to manage my workload.  By taking a little time out to plan, I got myself sorted.

One of the things I decided to delay, was the Wednesday midweek update.  I scheduled it for today. And now you are reading it 😊

A few minutes of my time planning and organising, I was back on track and I never reached the overwhelmed feeling.

If things are mounting up, take a time out.  It may feel like a strange thing to do when you are so busy but spending some time just with your to do list can really help bring focus.

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