Why the Ego Is an Obstacle to Mindful Leadership

A very good article from mindful.org on taming your ego at work. There’s much focus on individual performance and success in the workplace. The article answers the question of is it possible to be less self-oriented and still get ahead?!

How To Reinvent Yourself

Looking to reinvent yourself and live the life you want? If so, then the following article from hespokestyle is for you. It offers some great advice with hints and tips to make a plan:

How to Tell Your Boss You Have Too Much Work

Burn out is often a difficult subject to discuss. We all have limitations and it is important to recognise these in advance. It’s a delicate conversation for a number of reasons. But it’s often necessary. Here’s how to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible, thanks to this article from fatherly.com:

Why Do We Enjoy Feeling Sorry For Ourselves?

This article from Huffington Post asks two very important questions: So why does it feel good to go through the motions and let yourself feel all the feels from time to time? And does it ever run the risk of becoming a bit damaging? I suppose it covers a key message that we deliver in…