For the guys

Wellbeing, mental health and talking about feelings – for men there is a significant stigma around these topics. By some a man is not viewed as “manly” or masculine enough if they talk or display anything on these topics.

I do not believe in manly man stereotype. And believe it or not, not all men are the same either.  Each human being is unique and imperfect in their own way.  Life is messy, it is supposed to be messy.

Do not tell me to man up – that is a cliché. It doesn’t matter what gender you identify as, or what characteristics you hold (protected or not), wellbeing is important and so is mental health.

There is enough stigma around mental health and wellbeing without having a challenge on gender.

So, for this post – I want to share an image I found on Instagram. Its powerful, and I think there are enough people out there that need to see this.

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