Blog: Life does not make narrative sense

I am pretty open about some aspects of my wellbeing, although I don’t openly share everything (most people do not either).

Its no secret things have been difficult for me as of late, those who are closer to me know a little more about the why.

We are all imperfect and unique beings. Life does not make narrative sense. If you watched life back as a film, you’d likely think “what the hell was that all about.” Life is a gradually series of revelations that occur over time, it is not a carefully crafted story.

Life is not a movie, it will not be wrapped up nearly like stories do, there are not always answers.  Somethings may sometime seem linked, without rhyme or reason.

We cannot control the future, the best we can hope for is to plan something in a positive way and to learn the skills to navigate each revelation as it occurs.

If some of what I have just written seems familiar, well it is inspired from the tv show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The show is a comedy-drama. It tracks the life of Rebecca (the lead character) through original musical theatre songs in her head, that highlight the pivotal moments of her life.  The show displays her journey through desperation, mental ill health to the conclusion of this period of her life (sorry no spoilers here). This TV show has a very diverse cast, and does touch on many areas of mental health, diversity and inclusion, often in a serious way.  It also explores some of these themes with comedy elements.

So why do I dedicate a blog to an obscure low rated American TV show that struggled to ever find an audience? Because we are all imperfect and unique, and we all have our own techniques to survive this… survive out lives.

Life is a gradual series of revelations; you don’t know what is coming next.  But how you cope with it will be using your own set of tools, methods and distractions.  For the last two years I’ve often found solace in this tv show.  Many elements of the character’s journey resonate with events in my life.  The show has made me laugh and cry.  Some of the songs are mainly filler (I’m an apple man?) but some are so profound they have helped me see things in a different light.

Do not be embarrassed to acknowledge you need help,

Do not be embarrassed to find your safe place – whether it is a tv show, a person or place.

Do not ever be embarrassed to be you.

  • If you want to watch the show – it is currently on Netflix UK.
  • The main song referred to in this blog from the show is “The End of the Movie”
  • The full soundtrack is on Spotify

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