Blog: The Spiral

We all have negative thoughts from time to time. We sometimes have waves of negative thoughts and it can be overwhelming. A single recurring negative thought can also be very tricky to deal with. In the short term, the impact of negative thoughts can be overwhelming. In the longer-term, negative thoughts can lead to mental…

Blog: I’ve got the blues

January can be a time when people might struggle with their wellbeing. We can feel “blue” at any time of the year. What triggers low mood, or other mental ill health conditions will be down to the individual. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for managing mental ill health. Self awareness can be one of our…

Start with Strength and Stability

‘Cardio may get you fit but to stay off the bench, you need strength and stability’. As we head into 2023, you may have personal fitness goals. This article from Fatherly, gives us some isometric exercises to prevent injury and get stronger:

Habits Of The Calmest People

Hello everyone, a quick post from me today. I just wanted to share a great article from Alex Mathers covering habits of those that ‘choose calm’. There’s much for us to take into account. Enjoy:

Blog: Go with gratitude

In the USA, today (24 November) is known as thanksgiving. To anyone who is celebrating, I hope you enjoy your day. I am British, so it’s not an event I celebrate. However, I do think expressing gratitude and the things we are thankful for is a rewarding exercise to do on any day of the…

Winter Self Check in tool

I’d like to share a quick check in tool – ask yourself 10 question to see how you are getting in. This is a “holiday” edition of this tool from IDONTMIND.

Pets and your Wellbeing

Pets have always been part of my life. We’ve had many animals that have all been part of the family. We recently moved overseas and out of the blue we got asked if we wanted to take in a tortoise. Of course we had to accept. NiH states that interacting with animals has been shown…

How To Find Meaning In Life

“Feel like you’re stuck on the wrong path in life? Learn how to find greater meaning and build a more fulfilling life…” This title suggests a very difficult topic to cover, however the following article from Psychologies gives us some great tips to take forward:

Wellbeing in Dubai

Looking after our own personal wellbeing is vitally important. We are unable to care for others without looking us as an individual. Some activities can be very expensive but self care does not have to cost much at all. I recently read a great article by TimeOut that was particularly helpful for me as someone…