Sometimes Quitting Is Actually a Sign of Mental Strength

The idea that you must succeed at all costs can be harmful. Sometimes, it takes more courage to walk away than it does to power through. The following article from Very Well Mind shows some examples as to when this is the case:

Are Men in a Friendship Crisis?

“When it comes to banter, men are in their element. But that is no foundation for lasting friendship”. A very interesting article from The Guardian covering an intriguing topic of male friendship:


I often talk about the importance of setting goals in the right way. Goals can help motivate us and help with positive future thinking. However, many of us fail when setting goals, as we only think about the headline outcome, we often forget to explore the steps we need to take to achieve the desired…

Ways To Boost Your Body Image

“Health and fitness are, obviously, pretty important, but cultural imperatives such as achieving a “summer” body that you can flaunt on the beach can have little to do with either. (And I say that as someone who’s written a few articles thereon, however well-intentioned.) Indeed, exercise and eating well may seem inherently good, but can,…

Getting Things Finished Is Better Than Getting Things Perfect

“You’ll feel better when you’re done—over endlessly agonising over a task”. Apparently, it turns out that getting things finished is way better than getting things perfect (even if it feels awkward!), this article from Fast Company tells us why:

Breaking Free From Bad

Breaking free from the distractions that hold us back isn’t rocket science. But it requires a plan. This article from Valet gives some great tips as to how to kick a bad habit:

Why You Struggle With Self-Care

“Self-care is essential. Prioritise it”, this article from Psychology Today covers a very interesting topic covering the kind of things that stop men taking care of themselves:

The #1 Rule Of Happiness

‘If You Can’t Be Happy With A Coffee, You Won’t Be Happy With A Yacht’ “The little things help me appreciate the big things.” Social media can often affect negatively our mental health, but sometimes there are some gems that help give us a much needed boost. This article from DMARGE gives us some perspective:…