The Epidemic Of Male Loneliness

According to a 2019 survey, nearly 1 in 5 men felt like they had no close friends. This fantastic article from Mind Journal gives some great advice and guidance: Please feel free to also reach out to James or I via the contact us page. You’ve got this.

Blog: Urgent Action

** This blog was written on 2 November – which was also world stress day ** I was presenting a training course today and one element of the session was looking at bad coping techniques for stress. The section of the training course I was delivering used an example not to overwork as a coping…

Wellbeing in Dubai

Looking after our own personal wellbeing is vitally important. We are unable to care for others without looking us as an individual. Some activities can be very expensive but self care does not have to cost much at all. I recently read a great article by TimeOut that was particularly helpful for me as someone…

Are Men in a Friendship Crisis?

“When it comes to banter, men are in their element. But that is no foundation for lasting friendship”. A very interesting article from The Guardian covering an intriguing topic of male friendship:

Blog: Just do it.

Hello everyone This blog was written on the 10th of September 2021. This is one of many blogs I have handwritten in a writing journal but never actually posted digitally. This blog was written on Formby beach whilst on holiday in the northwest of England, as part of my birthday celebrations last year. That is…

Blog: I love getting older

Today is my birthday, I have turned 39 years old. I am grateful to be getting older, each and every day. It might sound odd, that I am glad to be getting older. It means I am grateful to be alive and living my life. I certainly do not wish for the opposite: death. Getting…

Blog: Story of life

We often dwell on the past, whether it’s a significant positive event in our lives or a moment of darkness. Past events can have a significant impact on who we are and can often change the direction of the journey that we are on. Just as I think we should try to focus on the…

Blog: Weak?

If I was to be assessed against the gender stereotype for a man or masculinity I would probably be classified as • Weak • Pathetic • A loser • Not manly • Emotional • Not a real man I am unafraid of sharing how I feel. We all have days where we feel like crap….

Why You Struggle With Self-Care

“Self-care is essential. Prioritise it”, this article from Psychology Today covers a very interesting topic covering the kind of things that stop men taking care of themselves: