Blog: We won an award


Yesterday Danny and I won an award, I just wanted to open this blog by saying a big thank you to our members, we have done this for you, to help others with their wellbeing. Without your support, this would not be able to achieve this.
I set out with an aim that if I could help even one person, then I had achieved my goal. It seems I have done.
I did not expect to win this award, if I am being honest. The competition was strong. I also did not want to get my hopes up.
It has actually been an incredibly difficult week for me. The week began with the worst anxiety attack and low mood “event” I’ve had this year. Its been a tricky week, full of training to be delivered and my head not being in the right place. I’ve struggled to even talk about what happened or indeed journal this week, that is how significantly this has slammed me back. I’ve said the words its ok not to be ok a lot in training this week, and yes I was feeling that every time I said it.
Years of practice and also experience at training delivery has to some extent meant I have the skills to get through a session like this, I know my topic and I am prepared for it. Its difficult, but is something I have learned. I actually do not put up a wall saying I’m ok and live in denial when I do not feel right, that achieves nothing. But my skill to hold myself together when it really matters is also useful, its helped me in an emergency… it helps me when I am taking centre stage to deliver training. It is one of my strengths to hold it together in critical times, and then process it afterwards.
I often rely on the techniques that I teach, but the events of Monday sadly have shown for me, sometimes not every technique can work. Having a variety of methods I can draw on is beneficial to me.
Your strengths are critical to who you are. You will find strengths and weaknesses for different reasons than I do. It’s the unique experience that shapes each human being that signals what their strengths are.
Take some time out to focus on your strengths: what are your strengths? Write them down or even ask a friend / trusted family member.
Its actually ok to play to your strengths in life. It could even save your life someday.
I just want to end this blog by also saying, positive emotions can also be overwhelming. I experienced this yesterday, I won an award, unexpectedly, but it was also overwhelming. Its led to quite a rollercoaster week.
I’m off for the rest of today, and also Monday. I was supposed to be in Benidorm for the weekend, but as with everything pandemic related, that is not happening. But I also recognise I need a break, its been two months after all.
Have a great weekend.

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