Blog: We ALL have mental health


I am taking a long weekend, and will also be on holiday from tomorrow morning too. Its been a very busy week, after a full day delivering training yesterday my voice is struggling this morning.  Definitely ready for some me time!

Over the weekend I will be doing my IDONTMIND Mental Health run.  I’ve been training for some time, and had my final preparation run last night.  All that’s left is to get out their in the North Yorkshire moors and get it done. 10K for my mental health.

This run is about sharing positive conversations around mental health and the benefits of exercise. I will be sharing a blog next week about how the run went, and hopefully a few photos.  This run is not about achieving a personal best time.

I run for my mental health – I only returned to running in October 2020 after a 2.5 year gap.  I run for headspace, I run to destress. Yesterday was quite a stressful day for me, I ended the day with a 3.5 mile run to get some air and away from work. Exercise helps to release positive endorphins, which are great for combatting stress. I said to a friend whilst it was not the most exciting of runs I’ve done in terms of location, it was one of the most effective and enjoyable runs I’ve had.  Why? Stress relief.

I run for my mental health – I get to have some time to think whilst I am out and about.  I work through thoughts in my head and find solutions.  This time to think, whilst being active helps me stay positive.  Thinking time when exercising isn’t just sorting out thoughts in my head.  I’ve even planned out training sessions when I’ve been on a run.  Most of our Get Active exercise sessions and the positivity at work course were formulated whilst on a run.

I run for my mental health, as well as my physical health. Exercise benefits all areas of my health – it keeps me moving and helps me achieve other goals in my life.

We all have mental health. From time to time we have periods where we have mental ill health, just in the same way we all have physical ill health at times. People often find it easy to say “I am not feeling very well” when they have an illness like a cold, flu, an infection or even covid.  It is perceived as normal and acceptable, and we do not shy away from saying I’ve got a cold.  Things are often different when it comes to mental ill health. There is a stigma attached to this, sometimes routed in a lack of understanding or a fear someone might be “crazy.” Its time to break the stigma.  I talk about my mental health, the good and the bad times. 

I am running the IDONTMIND event for my mental health, and for yours.  I am raising awareness of the fact that we all have mental health.

I will leave you with one last thought.  If someone was off sick with a physical illness, maybe for a few weeks, work colleagues would likely send a get well soon card. Have you ever sent a get well soon card for someone who has been off sick with a mental health condition?

I would love to encourage others members of the group to sign up to the IDONTMIND Mental Health Run/Walk in May. Key details:

  • Its free to enter
  • You run or walk the distance (or a mix of both)
  • You do this whenever you wish to in May
  • You choose the pace, location and route
  • No fundraising to be done

Enter here: If you sign up, please do let me know. I’d encourage anyone joining me in this event to share about it too.

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