Midweek Blog: Put Yourself First?


Happy Wednesday.

I’ve not been posting as much of late, but I have been writing a lot more than normal! A mix of annual leave, sad family news and work has filled my time.

Putting myself first might sound a little selfish? In one sense it could be interpreted that way, but on another view I am taking care of myself.  Selfcare is critical for our wellbeing.  I know I say this a lot, but if you don’t look after yourself, you won’t be best placed to care for others.

Travel is a major passion of mine.  As all of my overseas trips are being delayed (apart from Gibraltar in July), I am still very grateful to get out to see more of England (maybe even a day in Scotland if the rules allow me to cross the border).

I’ll be getting much needed head space, and time to just be myself.  I’ll be creative (writing / photography), exploring, exercising, relaxing (including pubs, tv, films and gaming). I will be myself, focused on good things.

I get life can be tough, I’ve experienced that over the last week – that’s why its so important to look after yourself.

I’m putting myself first for a while, so that I’ll be better placed to care for others.

Have a great week!

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