Get Active Month: Rest is prepation too


In just over a week I am aiming to compete my mental health 10k run.

I am training for this event to make sure I am race ready for 1 May. I am following a workout schedule to prepare for this, but that does not mean that rest and recovery time has gone out of thr window.

Getting ready for the event also means I do not want to over do it with exercise. I am still taking my usual Friday rest days, so I am well rested for the big day.

Sleep and rest helps the muscles recover, which will be key for the day of the event. With my preparation it is also important to note I am not going all out every day. My plan includes a mix of high and lower intensity workouts through out the final week.

I am aiming to do this run on 1 May, but I will listen to my body and also keep q close eye on the weather too.

Come back to the site over the next week to hear more on my preparation.

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