Get Active: Mental Health Run training

I mentioned that I am doing the IDONTMIND Mental Health run or walk over May.  I am currently training for this event, as I will be running 10KM on a path in the North Yorkshire moors.

I’ve done two shorter runs this week, which were proceeded by very long walks of 10 and 6 miles in the area where I will be doing my Mental Health run.

Until the event I am aiming to do one more 10K run, and then lots of walking to keep the pace up.

I am also doing lower intensity weights workouts too.

With just over a week to go, I am hoping to do my Mental Health run on Saturday 1 May first thing in the morning.  That may shift depending on the weather.

I am hoping to run the whole distance as I regularly run 10K, but I am more used to road / pavement running.

I’ll be focusing most of my blogs on this topic for the next week.

I also enjoyed my first outdoor home gym workout of the year. I did a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I would love to encourage others members of the group to sign up to the IDONTMIND Mental Health Run/Walk in May.

Key details:

  • Its free to enter
  • You run or walk the distance (or a mix of both)
  • You do this whenever you wish to in May
  • You choose the pace, location and route
  • No fundraising to be done

Enter here:

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