Get Active blog: Mind and Body

I’ve finally settled on a name for my exercise blog that launched when I wrote a blog entry on going back to running.  This is my Get Active blog.

Running has become a great way to help me process my day.  I have lots of techniques to process how I feel, and events in life.  Giving myself time to think has become essential to my wellbeing. 

I run listening to music, music that makes me feel good.  But I also spend the time thinking about my day.  I bounce ideas around in my head.

Running has just added extra thinking time into my life, so I get an extra mental boost as well as the other benefits of running.

But the benefits of my exercise regime are not limited to running.  My boxing workout is a great outlet for my stress and anxiety.  Weights and functional workouts help me channel all my attention into technique and switch off from other thoughts.

Walking gives me time to escape.  Escape into nature, whilst listening to audiobooks.  I see the great outdoors whilst my mind escapes into a world of fiction.

Exercise and being active is critical to my wellbeing, as well as keeping my body as healthy as it can be.

The last week I’ve found my comfortable running distance, which is 5 miles.  I can achieve this most times, it is still a challenge but an enjoyable one. I can achieve a 10 km distance too, but over this is still quite intense for me.  My longest run so far has been 7.5 miles.  I will try and break that barrier in the near future.  Call it a goal, but its not got a binding timescale on it. Maybe something for 2021.

As for now, just to wish you all a happy and active Christmas and New year.  See you on the other side

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