Get Active Blog: Christmas


Remaining active is very important to me, and unlike most people around me I do not celebrate Christmas in any signficiant way. Indeed its quite a sad time of year for me personally. I hate how we have Christmas rammed down our throats, be happy and merry or else.

I hate this time of year. For me its an edurance to get through, so you can take your merry lies and shove them elsewhere. Yes thats my opinion, and thats how it all makes me feel.

I have found solace in running over the Christmas period. The highlight of my Christmas day was getting out for a run, those five miles helped me feel better and gave me time to think. I was disconnected from the commercialised “happy” cheistmas that was going on.

I live by the motto that it is ok not to be ok. I am not ok at this time of year, for a great number of personal reasons. I am grateful I can still focus on exercise to help me through this time of year.

I wish people would be a little more perceptive to see that Christmas is not a happy time for everyone, indeed many do not celebrate it at all for various reasons. I hope in future we can find away for December to be a more inclusive month.

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