Back to Running, week 3


New running shoes have really helped make a difference for me. I was rinning before in a more general pair of gym trainers. Which are great for weight lifting, but not so supportive for running.

I have always struggled to find comfortable shoes, especially for fitness activities. To add to it, England is currently in a lockdown. Going to a shop to try and find a comfortable pair is simply not possible.

I took a gamble on a £10 pair ordered online. I got lucky, they fit and are comfortable.

I am not sure if it was a placebo effect or the shoes, but I have been able to push myself more comfortably on my last two runs.

I have just completed my third week of running, I am still enjoying it.

I’ve got my distance up to 4.6 miles pm Thursday, and earlier on the week I set a personal best for both a 5km run and i did my fastest one mile run.

I added in running to diversify my workouts. I have enjoyed the variety and the increase in intensity too.

The weather is pretty bad today. If it stops raining I hope to go running. If not my adaptive planning means I have plenty of gome gym options to go with.

Have a great weekend.

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