Blog: Clear your mind and coping

I appreciate times are tough for many of us.  Lockdowns and the new tier system will impact us all in different ways, and at different times.

Having an anxiety condition, I am certainly familiar with how uncertain times can be very unsettling.  One thing I am grateful for is I know there are people who are there when I need some support.  I’m not talking about counselling or talking therapy (although those are great sources of assistance too), I’m thinking of the people who just listen. Counselling or talking therapy may not be the approach everyone wishes to take, that I do understand, but having a method to deal with our negative thoughts or feelings is also very important.

I’ve been clear since I began this group that there is no one size fits all approach to wellbeing, particularly positivity wellbeing.  There is no prescription I can offer that solves all problems.  I teach different methods, some will work for you, some won’t.  The bits you find useful is your own decision.

But bottling up feelings, negativity and emotions rarely is a solution.  They need to be processed and dealt with. Find a method that works for you. 

I am lucky to have friends who support me, even just for a chat at the weekend, or for a more indepth conversation when I need to get something off my mind.  Talk is good, but I appreciate it is not for everyone.  Finding a way to process thoughts and events in life is very helpful. We are often advised to talk to someone if we are down, depressed, anxious etc.  But if you don’t feel comfortable with sharing just now, that’s ok too.  But there are other methods that can help (journaling being just one of them).

If the lockdown or the new tiers has made you feel low, I was right there with you on Thursday. I needed to get headspace.  I went for a run, I wrote down what I was feeling and spoke with a couple of friends just generally.

I hope you all are not too adversely impacted by the current circumstances.  It has changed so much.  But there is always support out there. 

I’m going to end the session to day by leaving you with the phone number for the Samaritans. They don’t judge, they won’t tell you what to do.  But they will listen.  They listened to me.  It is a free service.

116 123.

No judgement, just support.

116 123.

Thank you. Be safe, and its good to talk – whether it’s a chat about positive things or something urgent.

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