Blog: Maybe I am dreaming out loud

I have to admit, yesterday was a pretty bad day for me. The news of the new Tier system for England was really the icing on the cake to cap off a day where I was already feeling off.  But today is another day, and I am aiming to end my week on a more positive note.

The weekend ahead is void of specific plans, with payday on Monday I’ll be staying closer to home.  But I am not doing “nothing.”  I will have a fairly busy weekend of doing stuff for myself, a mix of exercise, gaming, films, house work and some work on the Better Day wellbeing website.

 I’m teaching myself web design with WordPress, so I’m giving myself some new digital skills whilst moving the site along to where I want it to be.  It has been quite an eye opening experience to achieve the goal of the website.  I’d long had a goal to launch the external wellbeing site – I was going to do it in March, but a now former (very toxic) friend put me down for it – calling it a “pathetic” waste of my time.  So sadly, I listened to this person and shelved the idea.

I’ve changed since that time, I help myself with my own wellbeing and I (hopefully) help others whilst I’m at it.  I revisited my list of goals and picked that one up again.  The goal was to get a wellbeing website launched, but I had to spend quite a bit of time setting up the steps to achieve it.  But I am glad I did.  By spending time breaking the goal down, I could see it was achievable.

I am also lucky from the skills I’ve learned at work, working in an agile way, planning, testing, iterating.  The goal isn’t achieved yet, the website went live in what I consider to be a minimum viable product (MVP) state.  Within a few days I’d iterated it to a new layout.

Skills are very transferable, I have learned so much from my line manager on product management and agile, and I’ve self taught myself wellbeing methods.  I was in a bad place, I self taught myself how to heal whilst also getting medical assistance.  Those skills led to the creation of this website.

It easy to be down on yourself – I still do experience it. 

My point of this blog was not really to talk about the website or my skills, but to tell you a story.  A story that if you want to do something, do it.  Do not say you cannot, and also don’t listen to those other people who mock you for having a goal.

Take some time out to think what is important to you, what do you want to achieve in life? Big goal, little goal it doesn’t matter.  Make a list of things you want to do, then gift yourself some time to flesh out your ideas.

I say little goals too.  I have never cooked enchiladas before, they look like something I would love and I have a goal to try cooking them.  I still need a little time to plan that one out too.

Just be you.  Don’t try to conform to what others vision is for your life.

Have your dreams and set some goals.

Happy Friday – have a great weekend and don’t give up on yourself.

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