Blog: Loss


Family means different things, how we define it as individuals will be unique, based upon our experiences. The identity of family can include friends and pets too. There are very few rules to define a family. The make up of a family will likely shift over time too.

My family includes pets and people I am not related to but have had a strong presence for the whole of my life.

When loss strikes a family, it can be just as devastating no matter who we lose. Sadly I have had losses in 2018, an uncle and my Dad. In the last week we lost a cat of 15 years as well as a close family friend to a heart attack. It hits in different ways, but this sad news has greatly affected me during the last week.

Loss of a loved one is always difficult, from my experience it doesn’t matter if it was sudden of expected, the result is the same.

I will take this moment to remember all who are no longer with us.

I have been away on holiday, solo travelling for the last week. I learned of both losses whilst away. I chose to stay on holiday, in part to process this all in my own way.

One thing I feel as I write this, is gratitude. I am grateful for my life and those who add value on my journey.

As I mourn, I remember good times.

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