My IDONTMIND Mental Health Run

I am back after my caravan holiday in North Yorkshire.  During my stay I completed my 10K Mental Health Run.  I will talk about how it went below, but I’d first like to share the video I produced about my mental health run.  Share this journey with me, see the scenery and here why conversations around mental health are so important to me.

Watch the video here.

The video tells the whole story, but it was a very enjoyable run.  The wind made it a lot more challenging, but it was worth it.  I stopped at one point, where I was quite emotional, you’ll be able to tell that in the video.

I actually had a very active weekend, I’d done a four mile walk prior to doing this run, and the next day in Scarborough I walked around 13 miles too.  I toned it down for the rest of the holiday with around 6 miles per day.

We all have mental health, and just like physical health, we have times where we do not feel well.

I am here to raise awareness that is ok not to be ok.  Mental ill health happens.  And it is ok to talk about it.

Support and resources are available. Always.

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