MIDWEEK: Blog and Round Up


Yes, its actually Thursday.  Its been a busy week, starting a new job and quite a few factors have meant I have had to carefully manage my time. The clock keeps ticking, and I’ve been trying not to work too many extra hours 😊

Time management is a skill, but it is also a good one to help manage my wellbeing.  Its something in your power, and its one of the things I do to manage the work – life balance for myself. I keep a clear break between when work ends and my private life begins.  Most week days that involves a work out or exercise immediately after work ends.  This creates a strong split between the two.

Exercise is something I am also very passionate about, so having a good workout planned and ready to do after work gives me something to look forward to each day.  Sometimes I also use my lunch break to go for a run, something which I am grateful to have the work place flexibility to do.  Exercise brings me great joy.  Something I am also grateful for.

Having joy in life is critical to our wellbeing.  Its often the small things that collectively boost our wellbeing. I know today, as I write this I am seeing the sunshining outside.  I am looking forward to having a decent lunchtime walk in the sun, and tonight I have a boxing training session straight after work (this is something I do at home).  I’ve had a shoulder injury for the last couple of weeks, but I am very happy to be back to boxing.  I’m not quite there yet with weight lifting, but my wellbeing got a good boost from returning to boxing 😊

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