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Journaling is one of the best things I have ever done. I would go as far as saying in 2018 it saved my life. There is no single right way of doing it either. Some of us just like to write, no set strucutre, just write it down. We do this with pen and paper, an app or using another writing tool. There are also plenty of writing structures available out there, I crated my own called the check-in tool that can really help someone kick off their journaling too.

It is not just how we feel either. Its a place to flesh out ideas, thoughts, document events in life and even undertake other resilience activities too. A journal can easily become a core part of how we cope in life. I would certainly encourage everyone to give it ago.

In the near future I’ll be sharing more details of the check in tool approach in the form of a training session and a video.

But for now, if you need some assistance to get started you could try this excellent article with 29 tips to get you started with journaling. I think even experienced writers could find some inspiration here too:

29 Journaling Tips That Help You To Journal Every Day (

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“For years, people have been using journaling as a way to relieve stress. An in-depth study by Joshua Smyth, a professor at Pennsylvania State University, has shown that written emotional expression can significantly improve a healthy person’s physical health, psychological well-being, physiological functioning, and general functioning.1

Journaling doesn’t only improve overall happiness, it also has a positive impact on career-related skills like decision-making and critical-thinking”

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  1. Journaling is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself too! I can never get enough helpfull tips, so I’ll be reading these 29 tips. Thanks!

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