Better Days Blog: Give Sunday night blues the boot


Hello Everyone

I hope you have had a great weekend.

I am ending the weekend with my Sunday film might in bed. This weeks film is Malevolent.

This is a regular Sunday night occurrence for me. It helps me to relax at the end of the weekend.

For many of my us, anxiety and dread at in on Sunday evenings. The week ahead is looming, and the anticipation causes us to worry. This can often be quite a negative end to our weekends. Not everyone gets the Sunday blues, but if we do, we don’t have to suffer.

Yet filling the end of your weekend with something that makes you happy. By keeping distracted and focused on the things that bring you joy, you can give those Subday blues the boot.

My approach is to maximise my weekend. I routinely end my weekend with a movie night. The period from around 8pm til midnight is a time I look to. In bed, film on and fussing my cats. It started as a process to combat some anxiety… now I genuinely look forward to it.

Find out what works for you and maximise your weekend. Don’t lose your Sunday to the blues.

Have a great week.

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