How to Beat those Sunday Blues

It is Friday, for some of us that means the weekend is about to start. Unfortunately the weekend can pass too quickly, and it can be Sunday night before you know it.

Sunday evening can be a real struggle for some people, the anticipation of a new working week, for some this is filled with dread. It can make us feel uneasy, and sometimes.

Finding a way to manage our Sunday Blues and have a restful, enjoyable and relaxing evening to end our weekend can be a challenge. It is well worth trying a few different methods to break those blues.

I personally have learned to deal with this by making Sunday evening a time of relaxation, fun and a key part of the weekend. I set up my Sunday night movie night. I get into bed by 9pm, relax watching a film in bed before settling down to sleep. I do love watching films, and I’ve now found myself looking forward to my Sunday movie night.

I found a great article on this topic, which is introducing you to a 10 minute routine that can help you wind down for the end of the weekend.

A 10-Minute Wind Down Routine Can Help You Beat Sunday Blues | HuffPost UK Life (

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