Keeping on top of your bills

It is tough times for most of us – the pandemic is hitting us all in different ways. For some right now, the financial impact is the toughest part to deal with.

There is plenty of great resources for help and advice out there.

The Charity for Civil Servants in the UK has excellent wellbeing resources on their website which would potentially benefit a wider audiance.

Check out their latest tips on finance during the pandemic

Keeping on top of your bills | The Charity for Civil Servants (

“One month into a new year and Covid-19 continues to affect our daily lives and livelihoods. Hopefully, there is some light at the end of this very long tunnel with the vaccine programme rollout.

Since March last year, many households have been left struggling financially due to reduced income because of furlough or redundancy, shielding, or having to take on extra caring responsibilities.

Essential household bills haven’t stopped during Covid. People still need to pay priority bills such as mortgages, rent, Council Tax, energy and TV Licences. If they ignore these bills, the consequences can be serious, including losing homes, fuel being disconnected, bailiffs at the door or fines and imprisonment.

A recent Citizens Advice report found that, at the end of 2020, 14% of households had fallen behind with essential bills since the pandemic’s start. For homes with children under 18, the figure increased to 26%. Of households where people were furloughed it rose to 24%. Even if you haven’t been affected directly, you might have partners, children or other family members who have. Some households may have initially used savings to make up lost income but these are likely to have run out after nearly a year.”

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