Get Active Blog: Adaptation

Adapting your workouts is key to keeping active whilst also factoring in life. Life is messy and is largely out of our control, basically sh*t happens. Adaptation of our exercises can allow for us to work through these times.

Winter is a great example of this. If you enjoy running, as I do, the weather plays in a major factor to my planning. If it is raining for example, I know it will seriously effect my enjoyment. To get around this I plan several days of workouts, but I don’t assign a day of the week to them. This means I have options to go to when the weather is bad.

Listening to my body is a clear indicator of the workouts I do. For example, yesterday I did a five mile run, which was a struggle, more so than normal. So today, I changed rom a cardio day to focusing on lower intensity weight lifting. Its still a great workout, but it lowers the intensity to allow my body a little more rest. Balance is key, I wouldn’t want high intensity every day, this would risk burnout. Therefore I love that my workout planning can let me adapt and listen to my body.

Overall, fitness and workouts is for our body: mind and body as one.

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