Blog: Not everyone celebrates Christmas…

Happy Friday – I hope everyone is well. Its almost the weekend 🙂

For some, today will be their final workday before Christmas. For those who are celebrating, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. For those who are not celebrating Christmas, I hope you enjoy the long bank holiday weekend.

I want to touch on a (often forgotten) point that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Many cultures and beliefs do not celebrate Christmas, yet it does feel in this country that many people are forced to “feel happy” at Christmas and become involved in the celebrations, regardless of their own beliefs. This might seem a controversial point to touch on, I accept that. I just would like everyone to keep in mind, not everyone celebrates Christmas, but some who do not celebrate Christmas may not feel comfortable talking about it openly either.

There are those who also do not find Christmas to be a time of happiness of celebration. It can be a horrendous time. Its important that we do approach people with compassion and not make assumptions (that is really important for inclusion and wellbeing generally).

I personally, do not celebrate Christmas. In late 2017, I was really ill – without going into details – it was serious. Whilst recovering, my dad passed away very suddenly, early in the new year.  I do not celebrate Christmas, for me it’s a time of hurt and darkness. I get told to either just “get in the spirit” or “be happy” every year. I wish it was that easy. I do not celebrate Christmas as I do not feel I wish to. Sadly, Christmas is forced up on me every year.

The festive period can be one of the least inclusive times of the year. I share my own story to raise awareness and ask you to be considerate of others, not everyone can get in the spirit of Christmas.

I just want to end this post with something I say a lot, it is ok not to be ok. Support resources are available throughout.

Thank you.

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