Beat end of year stress

I read an interesting article over at about combatting end of year work stress. Many businesses are approaching period of slow down and closures for the festive and new year period. This article gives a few useful tips on getting through this time.

Here is a short extract:

“We all know the story: A rush of to-dos, crammed in right before December 31. In most cases, it can’t be helped. Financial deadlines colliding with project completion promises mount in Q4, and most of the time, we just have to power our way through.

If you’re anything like me, however, your mind is frenzied with everything at once. Get this done, so that I can get that thing done, so I can get this thing to that person to ensure this deadline is hit and the client is happy, etc.

It was in this spirit of chaos that I stumbled across Eckhart Tolle recently. Whatever you may think of Tolle’s spiritual guidance, there is one principle that does stress-relieving wonders — and fast.

It’s actually so simple it’s hard to believe it can be effective. But it is. “

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