IDONTMIND: Mental Health Run/Walk in May

In May 2021 Danny and I are taking part in the IDONTMIND Mental Health run or walk. This is a free to enter event, where you undertake a run or a walk at any point during the month of May.  You can choose a distance of 5km, 10km or a half marathon.

This event is free to enter, and has no mandatory fundraising involved.  The purpose of the event is to spark positive conversations about Mental Health.  You enter the event, tell people you are doing it and share conversations about Mental Health.

I personally have chosen the 10km distance – and I will be running that distance. My aim is to run at Rosedale Head in North Yorkshire over the May Day bank holiday weekend.  I have chosen this route and place, as this is where my Dad’s ashes were scattered in June 2018.  I want to honour my Dad with this run, whilst also acknowledging the massive impact his loss has had on my life and my mental health.

Over the next week I’ll be talking about my preparations for the event (I am already training) and talking about my journey too.

I would love to encourage others members of the group to sign up to the IDONTMIND Mental Health Run/Walk in May.

Key details:

  • Its free to enter
  • You run or walk the distance (or a mix of both)
  • You do this whenever you wish to in May
  • You choose the pace, location and route
  • No fundraising to be done

Enter here:

If you sign up, please do let me know.  I’d encourage anyone joining me in this event to share about it too.

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