MIDWEEK: Blog and Updates 21 April 2020


Hello Everyone

Happy Wednesday. I hope you are all well.

I have been thinking about breaks and taking time for myself lately. I had my first holiday and trip away for over six months this weekend.  It was so great to just take some time away from lockdown life and just exist somewhere else for four days. To quote a friend who was doing the same “it is just great to be able to go for a walk somewhere else that isn’t in your local area.” I couldn’t agree more with that.

In everyday life I strive to get time to do the things that bring me joy, although sometimes in lockdown it can feel a little harder to extract the usual levels of joy from these things. This weekend had made me remember why the pursuit of joy and happiness is critical to our wellbeing.

I spent the weekend walking, writing, taking many photos and watching films. It was just what I needed.

This coming weekend I am back to being at home, but I feel a little more excited for the weekend than normal. I have put this down purely to the renewed energy I feel to focus on what really matters to me.

If you struggle to get time to do things you enjoy, you could try building into your routine.

Self care is essential, it is not selfish.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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