Get Active Blog: Shake it up


It has definitely felt like early spring this weekend. Bright sunshine, clear skies and the first flowers of spring are blooming.

I am still managing/working around a shoulder injury, so I decided to use the improved weather to shake things up with my running.

I took the opportunity to visit local country parks that, during winter, have very muddy paths, which make them difficult to run on.

I only returned to running on 31 October 2020, so it was really refreshing to run out in the countryside after months just on the streets of my village. These two runs were not about time or the distance, it was about changing it up. In England we have been in lockdown since 5 January, so this running, even though very close to my home was refreshing and the most I have enjoyed a run this year.

I am still managing my shoulder injury. I am not yet back to weight training or interval training, but I have been able to return to boxing workouts. That has really helped my manage some work related stress over the last week.

However you are exercising, keep at it. You have got this.

A run with a view.

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