MIDWEEK: Blog and News Round Up

So its Wednesday again, time for the midweek blog and round up.

What does inclusion mean to you? That is a question I’ve been thinking about lately. It is not necessarily something that can easily be measured on a large scale. I feel its often that comes down to the individual, how they act and behave.  We are all unique, so it often our individual actions that enhance inclusion overall.

Well that is my perspective anyway.

Inclusion may not be the first word you associate with wellbeing, but the acts of the individual enhance inclusion overall.  Living or indeed working in an inclusive environment can enhance our wellbeing.

There is no easy answer, but I have been reflecting on what inclusion means to me. In work I sit on an equality, diversity, and inclusion board.  This has helped me develop my own knowledge and how it relates to our wellbeing.

I’ve been doing some work on the topic of inclusion and wellbeing. Developing my own understanding of this topic and starting to see how I can share some of this knowledge has been very interesting.

I am developing a new course, Positivity At Work (working title that may change), where we will explore inclusion and workplace gratitude. Hopefully this will be something the boosts our own wellbeing, whilst supporting inclusion too.

I’ll shortly be sharing dates for this course next week.

Blogs Round Up

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Articles Round Up

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