Get Active Blog: The Journey


I often get asked why exercise is so important to me.  Mainly I enjoy it, the escapism, the challenge and the feeling of progression.  Not only that, it helps me manage a medical condition and it has been essential for my mental health since 2007.

My fitness journey has never been about just one thing, its always been about the bigger picture for me.  Specific goals have come and gone, but my fitness journey continues.  It evolves, I’ve tried so many new sports and exercises, I’ve met so many people over the years.

I’ve lost over 9 stone on this journey, at sometimes that number has been higher.  My motivations change and evolve.

The best way for me to enjoy this journey has been to keep it fun and evolve it.  I’ve never just wanted to slog it out in the gym.  I actually love the gym, on this journey I became a qualified fitness instructor, worked in a gym and even learned to coach trampolining. But I like to challenge and diversity of activity.  In 2018 this even helped me build my own gym here at home.  Given we are now in a pandemic I am so glad I did.

But every fitness journey is different and unique. Don’t compare yourself to other people, they aren’t better than you – they are simply on a different track to you.

Its about the journey, not the destination.

I’ll keep going, but I’ll be adapting along this route.

Find your path and stick with it.

You have got this.

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