Blog: Love is in the air? Or perhaps not.


Happy Friday

I hope you are well. I’ve had a very busy week, despite being off last Monday I have been it has been a very busy week.  I’m shortly moving to a new role (same division, new team and manager) so it’s a busy period of change bringing some of my old work to an end and preparing some of my existing work to follow move along with me.

Outside of work, I’ve been busy working on some new wellbeing courses and doing some research into inclusion and also motivation.  It has been very interesting to see some of the science behind these topics, and has given me some things to consider for my own life. Motivation is one of the topics I’ll be covering in an article here next week.

This Sunday is Valentines day, love it or hate it is almost February 14 again.  Many people, like myself, do not mark or celebrate the day.  For others February 14 is an important date within their relationship.

Pandemic or normal times, this day can be a struggle for many. Valentines day is one in which we are supposed to celebrate love and togetherness, however for many it can highlight how different, alone or low we feel.

Even if you are celebrating this day, it is likely to look a lot different to what we are used to.

When it comes to relationships and love, I certainly do not have all the answers.  I just wanted to take the time in this blog to acknowledge that some people struggle with some of the big calendar dates.

I also want to reiterate: it is ok not to be ok.

There is a lot of support out there.  I share links and articles as I find them.  Today I’d like to highlight the Coronavirus Hub from the Charity Mind.  It has a great collection of resources all in one place.

I hope you all have a good weekend, however you are spending it.

Remember: you have totally got this.

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