Resolutions, love them or hate, many of us artifically try to change our life on the 1 January each year. They are rarely more than a statement of intent, there is no real planning or depth behind the idea.

As we move through January, resolutions often fade from our memory or become a tool to self deprecate. I can certainly see why many people loathe New Year’s resolutions.

Many people worry about the future, and do not have positive methods to plan for the future. Using a resolution can be a great way to actively plan for the future. You may note I have not said the phrase “New Years resolution” in this paragraph or the article title. Resolutions can be used at any time, for any purpose or length of time. I personally start them a few days after my birthday in September, but also put them in place all year round.

Resolutions can motivate us and help to achieve a goal. It can be a fairly simple approach. Write down what the resolution is (big or small). Then on the same page start to map out how you are going to achieve it. This could be a list of milestones, or even a map of how to achieve your resolution. Just remember, these are here to motivate you, not to add something to stress about.

Resolutions can help you plan for the future in a positive way and can help to reduce stress and anxiety. They do not have to be change for the sake of it. You could use a resolution to positively reinforce something you are already doing.

I am posting this on New Years day, but this does not have to be the day you set or start your resolutions. Gift yourself some time to think about the future, grab a pen and start to note it down.

Go on, you’ve got this.

And if you need a little help… there is a great article linked below from

8 inspiring resolutions to help you be a better human — and create a better world | (

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