Blog: Don’t fight the future


The world seemed to just go a little bit crazier over the weekend, particularly for anyone living in the UK.  The situation seems to be in a rapid state of change at the moment, its hard to see the future with much positivity.

It easy to worry about the future.  The thing is, mostly the future is out of our control.  Even if you feel like you have considered every possibility, you can never be certain of that outcome.  I think events over the weekend in the UK have proven that.

That’s where the most positive thing we can do is let go of the future, to an extent that is.  Bring yourself into the here and now.

Do what it takes to bring yourself into the moment.  How you do it and what works is down to the individual. I use multiple techniques, I focus on this day and this evening.  What I am going to do and the things I need to achieve.  Take a day or a few hours at a time can really focus me on the here and now.

I also journal, micro journaling really helps me deal with things as I go through my day, it gets it straight out of my head and it is dealt with.  I also give myself time to think each day, a short period of time to think and process my day.  You may have heard me refer to this as worry time.

I’m aiming to go for a run tonight, and I’ll be using some of this running time to process what is going off in my head.  Another popular method is to make a list.  Simply list everything on your mind.  Then re-write the list into two columns, what I can control, and what I cannot control.  If its in the cannot control column you let it go.  By writing it down you acknowledge it, but also recognise I cannot do anything about this.

So much has changed in the world these last few days.  We all get effected and impacted by events in different ways.  What may seems like something trivial to you might be a massive stress inducing issue for another person.  The fact is, if something is bothering you, big or small, then it’s a problem. No one else’s opinion on the scale of the problem really matters.

For me, I am due to fly away for a week of holiday on 10 January, which is just under three weeks away.  That’s feels close enough to start getting excited about, but also with the turbulent way the world is right now, it feels like an eternity away.  I cannot let myself worry about this yet, everything is in a state of flux right now.  I’ve thought it through, its currently out of my control.  I’ve acknowledged it as an issue, but as things stand, I’ve dealt with it.

I’m ready to move on to what ever is next.

I know times are tough.  I know Christmas day is on Friday for those who celebrate it.  I get it, its hard and I don’t have the answers.  But also give yourself a break, take some time out to think.  Look at what you can and cannot control.

And most importantly, you’ve got this.

Have a great week.

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