Article: Surviving Christmas on your own


Certainly for the residents of the UK, it has been a turbulent few days. International travel has been made nearly impossible, large parts of the country are in a strict lockdown and others are counting the days until we are moved into those categories.

Many people’s plans for Christmas are wrecked, others now face spending the day alone.

Is it possible to spend the day alone and enjoy it? I think it is possible. It depends on your perspective. If you focus on things you cannot control and negatives, then you won’t likely find an joy on the day.

If you can accept things for how they are, messy, and spend a little time planning your day, you may just find great reward in having a day to yourself.

It may not be the Christmas day you had in mind, or be what you are used to. But it does not have to be a terrible day.

This Christmas Day will be what you make of it. Indeed not everyone celebrates Christmas, or some do in a very limited way (this includes me).

I found a very inspiring article over at the BBC that is worth a read.

Full article is here: Covid: Seven ways to get through (and enjoy) Christmas on your own – BBC News

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