Back to running, week two

I have just started my third week of running. I’ve been enjoying the variety it has added to my workout schedule.

Last week an old ankle injury flared up, so I took a couple off running. Having a fairly diverse workout schedule means I can be flexi and adapt my plans when my ankle is sore.

I self motivate with personal goals for being active. I’ve been planning workouts for ten years and it helps me adapt in such circumstances.

I finished a 4.2 mile run today, my fastest and longest so far. I am pleased with how it is progressing.

Running has added a little more “me time” into my week. Whilst I do listen to music, its given me some extra time to think and process my day.

I have enjoyed doing some of my running after dark, after work. This time to process my day has given me a boost to my Wellbeing. It has helped me to relieve stress in a different way to the boxing workouts that I love.

I am hoping to run three to four days a week. I have found a circuit from home that is four miles with a few hills. I am aim build it up from there.

My new running shoes arrived today. Hopefully they will help with the progression.

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