Friday Blog and Round Up


Hello Positivity Wellbeing Group Happy Friday everyone – the weekend is getting very near. The weather is looking rather wet this weekend, so I am having some me time… tonight I will be relaxing in the hot tub followed by some gaming. The rest of the weekend will be exercise focused and hopefully do something creative.

I recently discussed stop mechanisms – when we are struggling, having negative thoughts or having something on our minds. I’ve put this back into practice this week. This time it has come in the form of upgrade to our wellbeing website. Most of the changes are behind the scenes tweaks you’ll never notice. In the process I’ve been learning about some new tools as well. Whilst it was a very useful thing to do anyway, it has been more effective by helping me forget what was bothering me in the first place. Winning 🙂

I am also working on a new course at the moment on the theme of wellbeing at work – individual wellbeing whilst working, wherever you are based or your work pattern. Its coming along nicely, and I will hopefully be able to share the dates for the test sessions very soon.

I hope you have a great weekend when it arrives. In the meantime I’ll leave you with a round up of articles and blogs we have recently posted to our website.



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