Blog: Digital Wellbeing

I have been beta testing a new Wellbeing app recently, and I have learned a few things by doing so. I don’t very often use Wellbeing smart phone apps, but I love technology and have a long history of beta testing both at work and video games.

What smart phone wellbeing apps do you use?

Certainly during the lockdown I have been thinking a lot more about my digital Wellbeing. I have certainly relied more on my phone to manage and live my life.

I think we are lucky to have smarter working tools available to us in the workplace.  We were able to quickly move existing systems into the home work place swiftly.  I know from my own experience, the full roll out of TEAMS meetings has enhanced my work place wellbeing with efficiency and time saving. 

Even at home smart technology and apps have enhanced my digital wellbeing. WhatsApp video has kept my in touch with my Mum.  This weekend I have been observing a camera in a nesting box, where a highly unusual situation has occurred: two female blue tits have made a nest together, and both are incubating the eggs.  I understand this is rare and not often seen on video. Social media and video technology have made it possible to view such things.  That video stream has made me smile 😊

What technology are you using to enhance your wellbeing?

The world has changed for forever, so much has had to go digital or online. An event like this changes the world for ever. Things will not be the same as they were in the pre lockdown era. I hope we can take forward some of the positives of our technology use from the lockdown into the new world the post pandemic world.

I am going to take the best parts of my expanded digital world and use it to enhance my Wellbeing.

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