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Happy Friday – I hope all is well.

We often hear about the pros and cons of social media.  I’m not entering into that debate today, but I have been refining my own social media presence to only interact with value adding sources and people. It has certainly enhanced the time I do spend on social media.

I’ve talked a lot about being an excellent source of mental health and wellbeing articles. If you are on Instagram, and want a positive and constructive page to follow, I’d personally recommend the IDONTMIND Instagram page – search for username @idontmind on Instagram.

I’ve also recently started following Adam Cam on Instagram too. He posts messages of positivity around the theme of savage wisdom. His messages are do use some more colourful language at times, so I’ll not add his profile with a direct link.  If interested search for username @adamcam10 on Instagram.

I find his messages to be really inspiring and give good reminders of what really matters in life.  Here is one for today

“If you are able to smile by yourself, go to bed without waiting up for someone to message or look good just for yourself, then you have understood everything.”

That one really resonated with me, I have achieved all three of these of late.

He may use swearwords in his delivery, but the message is always on point. I have been finding a lot of inspiration from this Instagram feed.

I will leave it there for now.  This is just the start of some work around the topic of Digital Wellbeing – indeed there’s a bitesize course on that coming soon.

What inspirational social media accounts do you follow? Share in the comments below.  I’ll talk about more in a future blog!

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