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Hello everyone

I hope you are well.

I have just returned from ten days in Gibraltar. I had a great time, and actually managed to relax.  I also had time to think, read and do some writing. I’ve struggled with my creative writing for the last year, but I managed to break some of my writer’s block whilst I was away.

I wanted to use this blog to actually touch on the subject of looking after your mental health during this pandemic whilst traveling overseas. On the news, we do hear a lot about the rules around travel overseas. It is a personal choice to travel overseas, I am not here to argue for or against it.  We all know our own circumstances and make our own call on this.

This trip was to a green list destination – Gibraltar.  I was also staying by myself in my apartment.  I’ve also been their numerous times, so I am very familiar with the place.  My holiday had been delayed from November 2020.  After keeping a close eye on the covid situation in Gibraltar I decided to go ahead with the trip.

The news may have you seeing it as quite a daunting experience, but I found with a little extra planning and a to do list, I was able to work through most of the extra requirements without too much trouble. For me, the most daunting part of the trip was waiting for the results of the mandatory covid tests required for entry, stay and departure from Gibraltar.

I have an anxiety disorder, so this had potential to be overwhelming. I planned ahead – I know my own personal coping / managing techniques, I made sure I was prepared to deal with the anxiety. To help feel more relaxed, I took a pack of NHS Lateral Flow Tests (which are free from so that I could test whilst away.  It may sound simple, but that was enough to mitigate how I was feeling.  I was able to relax and enjoy this trip.

This is not my first overseas trip since the beginning of the pandemic, I flew three times last year, twice to Gibraltar and once to Northern Ireland.  I knew what to expect on board the flight and the long duration for mask wearing.

If you have any questions about the travel or testing experience, please do get in touch.

Again, I’m not here to argue for or against international travel – I’m purely focusing on the wellbeing aspects. Looking after our wellbeing is always important, and during the pandemic it is critical to focus on it.

I want to close this blog by sharing a useful link I found on the website.  This is advice and tips for looking after your wellbeing during the pandemic whilst traveling overseas. I personally found this very useful whilst preparing to leave the UK.

Check the link here:

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