Get Active Blog: Surviving

I am determined to focus on good and positive things now.  Grief takes time, but now the funeral has happened I want to focus on the good in my life.

I am focusing on exercise at the moment and have managed to return to running this week after taking a week and a half off from it. I chose not to go all out with my return to running, but I am happy with the 3.5 and 2.2 mile run I have done this week.

I have kept active throughout the last few weeks, with a big focus on boxing and walking, I think that (other than the support of other people) has really been how I have gotten through difficult times.

Exercise gives me time to think.  Thinking time means I process my day.  This then means when I go to bed I’ve not got so much on my mind, and it can potentially help me sleep better.

Exercise is good for the mind.  It is also one of my stop mechanisms. If I am stuck in a negative thought, a stop mechanism can really help break the cycle.  Exercise is just one of mine, but they come in different forms. Video games, tv, audiobooks, writing and photography are major stop mechanisms for me. It is a very worth while thing to identify what your stop mechanisms are – they will be different to mine.

As a stop mechanism, I can put all of my attention into exercise. With running I can focus on my pace, my route and the surroundings.  I can also double up with music or an audio book too for some extra escapism.  With boxing I can focus on stress relief and improving technique.

Exercise is good for all of your health – mental health, physical health.

For the next few days exercise is becoming my primary focus.  I’m giving the positivity a kick start with a weekend away in East Yorkshire.  My plan includes walking (or running) over the Humber Bridge.  I will also be taking lots of photos too 🙂

Right now, my fitness goals have shifted.  I am purely focusing my exercise goals on enjoyment and positivity.  Boxing I am improving my technique and my endurance, walking and running are taking me to new places.  The rest of my exercises including HIIT and weights, they are keeping my health ticking over.

I don’t claim to be ok, but I know what makes me feel ok -that is valuable knowledge.

What are your stop mechanisms? What are your coping techniques?  If you don’t know the answer, taking a minute out and think.  Most likely you’ll actually have these things in place.

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