Blog: One Step at a time


Today was my Auntie’s funeral. I said my goodbyes and I hope we gave her a suitable send off.

Despite the restrictions, we had a very appropriate non religious ceremony in her memory.

Rest in peace Norma Stanyon.

Funerals are difficult for me, the lead up to today has been filled with sleepless nights and triggering anxiety from previous losses. Yet, despite how I have felt, I am grateful I was able to attend.

Now is the Time to let the healing begin. Through this experience I still mourn my Dad. For me I recognise it is time to heal.

I am drawing on my strength to focus on good things. One step at time.

I’m giving myself a short break, to focus on what I need. I am going to bed spending the weekend at a spa hotel.

I got myself back to running over the last two days, it was the physical boost I needed to lift my mood.

Grief comes in different forms and impacts us all differently. I can only talk from my own experiences, which sadly I’ve had a few if now..

I am determined to move forward to better days than this.

But for now I am going to watch the sunset from my hot tub. A little me time to close out a difficult day.

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  1. ogaraderrick says:

    You sure will get better 💯👌


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