We often talk about looking after oursleves, methods to cope and get through the tough times. When it comes to helping someone else it can often be a little trickier – we cannot read the thoughts of someone else.

Head over to the IDONTMIND Journal for a great article on helping others. Check it out here.

“How do you help a friend that’s going through something that you’ve never experienced before?

At first you might think it’s hard to relate to them. But think of it this way: We’ve all experienced struggles and hardships before, and we know how powerful it is to be supported by friends and family.

You have a lot of power here, and your support – even just a little bit – could make a huge difference in their life.

No matter what their mental health struggle is, the steps you can take to support them are actually pretty similar across the board. Here are a few opportunities to support someone through a tough time.”

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