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Hello All

I returned from the first leg of my journey, and have been enjoying three days at home before the second part of my adventure. This was written on the afternoon of 3 June,

Today I went for my first run in over a week. As much as I enjoy running, I took a few days out to focus on exploring and walking whilst in East Yorkshire. I also had a significant flare up of an old ankle injury, so rest was advisable too.

I’ve decided a couple of weeks of lower intensity exercise will do my ankle some good, and also fit well with this break, which is focused very much on escapism and relaxation.

I do lots of exercise, and I am actually using some of my “downtime” to plan workouts for my return, so making positive steps to when I am back at properly 😊

For me this is a great positive, my mental health is benefitting from an escape from normal life, I am keeping my exercise programme going with a lighter exercise and I am planning for the future positively.

This break is helping me realise more of the things that make me happy and the things I want to focus on.  From an exercise perspective, I am like having plans but they must be enjoyable.

Next week I hope to run a couple of new places, and also the hotel in Newcastle has a pool, a gym and a spa – I fully intend to make full use of those on my one night stay.

Keep safe, happy and active.  Have a great weekend!

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