Blog: The Grand Re-Opening

Here in England, the lockdown has been eased as of today. England has been in a strict lockdown since 5 January 2021, which was proceeded by regional restrictions. Many parts of England have been essentially closed since October 2020.

From today, gyms, pubs, all shops, zoos and the beauty industry can reopen. Its great to see so many businesses opening back up.

From an exercise point of view, many people are returning to the gyms and indoor pools for the first time in six months. I read a great article over at the BBC with some good tips on returning to the gym. The key message is go steady – if you have not been exercising at the same intensity during lockdown you should aim to ease yourself back into it. Your body won’t be used to operating at the same intensity as your last visit, so go easy on yourself and gradually build it back up. Also, don’t let this get you down, its better for your overall health to build it up rather than going all out.

For some, the return to the wider world of shopping, pubs, travel and beauty salons may well give a great sense of relief – for others it may be a source of great anxiety. If the latest lockdown easing is triggering for you, don’t push yourself. You can take the grand reopening at your pace. Start small, aim to go at times when it might be a little quieter and also, if it becomes overwhelming – leave. A good friend of mine reminded me recently to always take it one step at a time and always listen to my body and how I am feeling.

This timetable to reopen the country is prescribed by the government – but it does not mean any individual has to return to these venues before they are ready. Take it at your pace.

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