What it means to be a man today

The world we live in is full of stereotypes. When it comes to being a man, it seems we have a stereotype that we must all be masculine, macho alpha males. If a man is anything that is different to this stereotype he is viewed by many to be weak or less than. These stereotypes can inflict massive on a person, and can cause lasting damage. It is important we always challenge these stereotypes to make sure thrive in an inclusive, diverse and equal society. But that is a big ask – it is difficult to change these stereotypes, and change is often at a slow pace.

These stereotypes of masculinity can cause major set backs for men with mental ill health too. Some guys often find it harder to open up about how they are feeling, and incorrect stereotypes of having to “man up” do nothing to improve this situation.

The charity CALM (the campaign against living miserably) has done some research and produced a great article on challenging male stereotypes.

I’d encourage you all to read this article and also explore the wider work of CALM as a charity.

What it means to be a man today: breaking through stereotypes – Campaign Against Living Miserably (thecalmzone.net)

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