Blog: It is good to talk


Happy Friday. How are you? Had a good week? Love to hear how everyone is doing today, good, bad, indifferent, or even MEH. Lets hear how you are doing.  Its good to talk and chat.

Any weekend plans?

This is not an in depth blog today.  I just wanted to touch on the idea that it is good to converse.

We are often told to tell people what is going off in our heads, what is on our minds. Yes it is good to talk in that respect – but not everyone is comfortable with this.  That’s ok too – I often feel the same way.

Just talking about positive things with someone else can help life your mood or thought cycles.

Each week I have a social call catch up with Danny – this is a check in to see how we are doing and chat.  This really helps me and gives me a much needed boost.  This is also a technique I introduce in the positivity wellbeing training.

Its good to talk, whether its just a check in or to ask a friend for help.

So as we go into this weekend, consider having a chat with someone. Talk about the good times, what are you grateful for and share good news.  If you want to talk more about your life and feel comfortable, that might help too. 

I know times are difficult for many, I’m not hear to preach a single method of doing something.  I don’t have all the answers and view myself as an imperfect being.  Perfection, in my view is a lie.  I cherish being imperfect, it allows me to grow, adapt and develop.

I had a great conversation with a colleague at work last night. One thing has stuck in my head over night from that.  There will never, ever be an end to the conversation on wellbeing. Wellbeing is at an individual level, there is no end point in this world where we can say wellbeing is no longer a consideration.

The conversations and concepts of wellbeing will evolve as the world changes and technology develops. Wellbeing ideas have progressed this year from a global pandemic. I have no doubt ideas will progress and change as the world one day moves out of lockdowns, social distancing and restrictions.

Speaking of conversation, I’ve just heard about a new app that can supposedly decipher a cat’s meows and tell you what they are communicating.  Its called meow talk.  My cat Pudding is very vocal, it will be interesting to test this one him later!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and have some great conversations.

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