Blog: Challenging the lie of perfection


Perfection? Sounds great doesn’t it. It sounds ideal, relaxing.

The thing is perfection does not exist. Chasing perfection is a journey with no end. You cannot achieve perfection, there will always be something that changes.

The myth of perfection really damages people. The burden of never feeling good enough can wreck us.

Life is supposed to be messy. Perfection is a lie. If you can see past the persuit of perfection you can lift a major burden on yourself

For many years I felt I was never good enough for anything. Former so called friends took advantage of this to boost themselves at my expense. I just accepted this at face value because I felt I was not good enough to be anything on life.

This awful from a certain individual escalated and did their best to ensure I felt worthless just to make themselves feel better.

2020 has been a difficult year for many people. It took a pandemic and lockdown for me to cut this person out of my life. This person was never a friend, just an abuser.

Throughout 2019 I had already begun to see my self worth. I started to feel better, and had already begun to distance myself from this former friend. I stopped chasing perfection and begun to accept myself as I am.

I realised I am good enough. I finally removed the toxicity from my life.

It may sound odd that even though I am in lockdown for a second time this year, I feel more free now than I did in the previous two years.

I lifted the burden of chasing perfection, I found I am good enough for me, and I do not care for the measure of other people judging my life. The opinions of these people is irrelevant.

I am just me. And that’s good enough.

Never be afraid to see your own value. And if someone is bringing you down, judging you, just know you are good enough.

Toxic people will never win.

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