Blog: World Mental Health Day 2022

Today is World Mental Health Day 2022. Whilst I applaud the campaign to raise awareness and the good that it does, the fact remains that we should look after our mental health as much as our physical health every day.

This years theme is Making Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority. It should 100% be a priority. The pandemic has, and continues to take a huge toll on our mental health. A lot of great work was done with looking after wellbeing, it’s important that this is not undone. The world has changed and we must continue to use those best practices that work for us. Wellbeing is not a prescription so something that works for one, may not work for another.

For me, I’ve realised that I need a break. It’s been a difficult 2022 with a family bereavement and a lot of change, and I’ve not had a real break for at least 5 months to process any of it. Thankfully I have a week off next week, it’s much needed for my own wellbeing. I don’t have many plans as yet but I am happy with that. It’s a time to relax and refresh before a busy end to the year.

To make wellbeing a priority, we must all contribute. It can be as simple as sending a quick message to a mate, checking in on them. The Ask Twice campaign is great for this:

You can access many support options, some of these can be found on our links page:

Take care.

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